Basic Information

Chinese name: 中國國際海運集裝箱(集團)股份有限公司

Chinese abbreviation: 中集集團


English abbreviation: CIMC

Legal representative: Mai Boliang

Registered Address and Address of Head Office: 8th Floor, CIMC R&D Center, 2 Gangwan Avenue, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Stock Exchange on which A Shares are listed: Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange on which H Shares are listed: Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Stock short form and code: CIMC (中集集團) A Share: 000039  H Share: 02039


Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers Zhong Tian LLP

Address: 11th Floor, PricewaterhouseCoopers Center, 2 Corporate Avenue, 202 Hu Bin Road,Huangpu District,Shanghai 200021,the PRC

Company’s main business:

The Company was incorporated in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the PRC under the PRC Company Law on 14 January 1980 and was named as “China International Marine Containers Co., Ltd.” (中國國際海運集裝箱股份有限公司) upon incorporation. After being restructured as a joint stock limited company in December 1992, and publicly offered A shares and B shares which were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1994, the Company changed its name to “China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd.” (中國國際海運集裝箱(集團)股份有限公司) in 1995. The A shares of the Company were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 8 April 1994 and its H shares were listed by introduction on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 19 December 2012. The Company is the first enterprise in China with its B shares converted into H shares listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The Group is a world leading equipment and solution provider in the logistics and energy industries and is principally engaged in the manufacture of containers, road transportation vehicles, energy, chemical, liquid food equipment, offshore engineering equipment, airport facilities equipment as well as the provision of relevant services, including the design and manufacture of international standard dry containers, reefer containers, special-purpose containers, tank containers, wooden container floorboards, road tank trucks, natural gas processing equipment and static tanks, road transportation vehicles, heavy trucks, jack-up drilling platforms, semi-submersible drilling platforms, special vessels, passenger boarding bridges and bridge-mounted equipment, airport ground support equipment, fire safety and rescue vehicles and the design, manufacture and services of automated logistics system and intelligent parking system. In addition, the Group is also engaged in logistics services business, industrial city development, finance and asset management and other businesses. Through business expansion and technology development, the Group has formed an industry cluster focusing on key equipment and solutions provided for the logistics and energy industries.

Container Manufacturing Business

The Group’s container manufacturing business mainly consists of standard dry containers, reefer containers and special-purpose containers. The Group has the capacity to produce a full series of container products with independent intellectual property rights. Special-purpose containers mainly include North American domestic 53-foot containers, European pallet wide containers, bulk containers, special-purpose reefer containers, flatracks and other products. During the Reporting Period, the Group remained No. 1 in the industry in terms of production and sales of containers.

Road Transportation Vehicles Business

CIMC Vehicles, a subsidiary of the Group, is a top global semi-trailer manufacturer in terms of its sales volume, engaged in the manufacture and sales of seven main categories of semi-trailers in major global markets. Furthermore, CIMC Vehicles proactively carries out the manufacture of truck bodies for specialty vehicles and the sales of fully-assembled specialty vehicles in China. Meanwhile, CIMC Vehicles is also a China’s leading manufacturer of refrigerated van bodies. Products of CIMC Vehicles include: 1) Global semi-trailer business includes skeletal container semi-trailers, flatbed trucks and their derivatives, curtain side semi-trailers, van semi-trailers, refrigerated semi-trailers, tank semi-trailers and other special types of semi-trailers; 2) China’s truck bodies for specialty vehicles business includes the manufacture of urban muck truck bodies and cement mixer truck bodies and sales of fully-assembled vehicles; 3) The production of truck bodies and sales of fullyassembled trucks of refrigerated van business.

Energy, Chemical and Liquid Food Equipment Business

The Group’s energy, chemical and liquid food equipment business segment is principally engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, engineering, sales and operations of various transportation, storage and processing equipment widely used in three sectors, namely energy, chemical and liquid food equipment, as well as provision of relevant technical and maintenance services. The energy and chemical equipment products and services of the Group are supplied across China and are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and South America; and from the Group’s production base in Europe, its liquid food equipment products and services are offered worldwide. Meanwhile, the Group also provides a comprehensive range of services for the global oil and gas production and processing industry, specializing in large-scale complex Engineering Procurement Construction (“EPC”) projects of low temperature systems and installations in energy and chemical industry. This business segment has established a business landscape featuring “the world’s local CIMC (地方智慧.全球運營)” based on cooperation between its production bases located in China and Europe. The main operating entity is CIMC Enric.

Offshore Engineering Business

Under CIMC Raffles, a subsidiary of the Group, there are 4 research and development and design companies, 3 construction bases and 3 operation and management companies. CIMC Raffles operates under an integrated operating model covering design, procurement, manufacturing, construction, commission and operation, and possesses the capability of mass and industrialised construction of high-end offshore engineering equipment and other special vessels under EPC model. CIMC Raffles is of one of the leading EPC contractors of highend offshore engineering equipment manufacturing in China and has always participated in international competition in the offshore engineering market. Its major activities include the design and construction of semisubmersible drilling platforms, semi-submersible accommodation platforms, jack-up drilling platforms, jack-up accommodation platforms, FPSO, liftboats, crane vessels, fall pipe vessels, offshore support vessels (OSV), ocean tugs, mid-to-high-end yachts and other vessels with its products covering a majority of offshore engineering products.

Airport Facilities, Fire Safety and Automated Logistics Equipment Business

The year of 2019 is a milestone year in the history of CIMC-TianDa under the Group. Upon the completion of the acquisition of 60% equity interest in Ziegler, the management structure and the equity structure were ultimately unified. The Group’s airport facilities, fire safety and automated logistics equipment business principally includes airport facilities equipment business (including Ground Support Equipment (“GSE”) business), fire and rescue vehicle business, automated logistics systems business and smart parking business.

Heavy Trucks Business

The Group operates the heavy trucks business through its subsidiary C&C Trucks. C&C Trucks positions its main products in the mid-to-high end heavy truck market with the product development strategy of “leading domestic techniques and following foreign techniques” and the business development strategy of “making highend products, providing quality services, and creating first-class brands”. Its key products cover two categories, namely diesel and natural gas, and four series, namely tractors, mixer trucks, dump trucks, cargo trucks and special-use vehicles.

Logistics Services Business

In the logistics services business, the Group has mainly focused on the passage network layout of major domestic seaports, Yangtze River ports, railway central stations and major international routes to build a comprehensive development model combining containers, goods and yards with railway stations as the foundation, equipment as the support, and the cargo control as its core. By carrying out equipment leasing and selling business, station operation business, freight services business, as well as ecological support business such as shipping agency, customs declaration, barge and fleet service, the Group are committed to becoming the leader characterising with “equipment + service” in multimodal transport industry in the PRC.

Industrial City Development Business

The Group’s industrial city development business is operated mainly through its controlled subsidiary CIMC Skyspace Real Estate and its subsidiaries. The principal activities include the development of complexes in industrial cities and development and operation of industrial parks, etc.

Finance and Asset Management Business

The Group’s finance and asset management business is devoted to establishing a financial service system which matches the Group’s strategic positioning as a leading manufacturer in the world, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Group’s internal capital utilisation, and providing diversified financial service measures for the Group’s strategic expansion, business model innovation, industrial structure optimisation and overall competitiveness enhancement. The main operating entities consist of CIMC Financial Leasing Company, CIMC Finance Company and offshore engineering asset management platform companies.

Market Overview (as at 31 Dec 2019)

Percentage of issued H shares to the total issued shares of the Company : 57.47%

Percentage of issued A shares to the total issued shares of the Company: 42.53% 

H shares

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, stock code:2039

Number of issued H shares:approximately 2.06 billion shares

Market value of H share:approximately HK$14.98 billion (2019-12-31)

Share price of H shares:HK$7.27 (2019-12-31)

Fluctuate of H share price during the latest 52 weeks

lowest:HK$ 6.49 per share

highest:HK$ 11.42 per share

A shares

Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code:000039

Number of A share:approximately 1.53 billion shares

The market value of A shares:approximately RMB15.98 billion (2019-12-31)

Share price of A shares: RMB 9.82 (2019-12-31)

Fluctuate of A share price during the latest 52 weeks

lowest:RMB 9.30 per share

highest:RMB 16.31 per share

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